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For Clients

The Three E's of Customer Service

  • Efficient

  • Effective

  • Enjoyable

Our clients can expect an Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable service from Career Scout Japan:

Quickly provide pre-screened, top-quality candidates

New headcount approval? Critical member resignation? CSJ understands the importance of obtaining a candidate shortlist ASAP. We endeavor to provide candidate profiles or a search status update within two business days of engaging a recruiting project.

Only introduce the best candidate matches

Our consultants take time to fully understand the candidate market so you don't have to. We endeavor to provide only the best pre-screened candidate matches (usually three to five resumes). Tired of sifting through dozens of resumes and interviewing off-spec candidates? Our high-level matching service will save time and reduce the risk of hiring mistakes.

Supportive, friendly and upbeat recruiting service

CSJ consultants will be supportive, friendly and upbeat during the recruiting process. It is not enough to simply introduce candidates; we want our clients to love using our recruiting service.