【フレックスタイム制】Material Management Team Leader @ 120名 化学関連産業メーカー企業!【愛知県】

■ さまざまな機械、電子機器、製造業に産業ソリューションを提供している業界注目の企業です
■ 現在取り扱っている2つの専門部門でトップレベルのグローバルマーケットシェアを誇っています!
■ 日本法人は設立25年以上という安定したビジネスを構築しており、全国に製造工場を含めいくつかの場所に拠点を置いています。
■ 離職率が3~4%と非常に低いため長期的に働きたいと考えている方は必見です。
■ フレックスタイム制度を導入しています!残業時間も少ないためワークライフバランスが充実します! 


The Material Management Team Leader coordinates, organizes, and oversees activities involved in the
Production Planning, Inventory Management and Purchase Order Management for direct and indirect items. 
*Material includes product as well as raw materials.
- Collaborates with other sections and stakeholders to identify and maintain resources needed to establish and provide an effective supply chain and to ensure high on-time delivery performance at a reasonable low inventory
- Effective usage of SAP
- Maintains required quantity of materials to optimize production.
- Analyzes current procedures, suggests/work on improvements to increase efficiency.
- Performs other related duties as assigned.


<Essential requirement>
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in English and Japanese. 
­- User and master data management experience of SAP
­- Thorough understanding of supply chain

<Desirable requirement>
­- Excellent interpersonal skills with a proven ability to create and maintain positive working relationships with vendors, suppliers, shippers, and customers.
­- Strong supervisory and leadership skills.
­- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
­- Knowledge of export and import.
­- Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.