【急成長中!】Logistics Specialist @15名 ヨーロッパ系ラグジュアリーグッズ卸売企業

■本ポジションでは一連のロジスティクスのプロセスを担当頂き、Head of Financeが直接のレポート先となります。


- Plan warehouses and distribution center for efficiency in both operations and capacity
­- Organize transportation activities, including storage of goods, managing information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrating transportation movements, and arranging for services as necessary
­- Coordinate and track movement of goods through logistic pathways
­- Execute logistics plan to move products and packages to reach destinations on schedule
­- Review freight rates and other transportation costs to keep working costs low
­- Maintains quality throughout the logistic processes
­- Utilize logistics IT to optimize procedures
­- Prepare accurate reports on expense and efficiency for the management
­- Manage supply related cost (storage, handling, flight to customer, drayage, etc.) and lead tender with logistics third parties.
­- Procure the materials related to the products for the shipment, sales, and storage in cost effective way. Such as price tag, quality label, etc
­- Plan and manage expense and capex
­- Manage and review the performance of logistic partners. Propose alternatives if necessary, and plan and execute the transition accordingly
­- Execute physical inventory-take and prepare the official reporting on stock adjustment and final inventory qty and value.
­- Maximize the space of warehouse for the efficiency and productivity in cooperation with warehouse.
­- Analyze efficiency of space by item, and identify slow-moving, and propose the liquidation based on devaluation plan.


- Have previous experience working in Logistics at foreign capital companies
- Have a strong analytical mind-set with a high level of excel, and ideally access
- Have the ability to problem solve and get to the crux of the issue by using strong influencing skills and sufficient communication
- Be pro-active and self-motivated
­- Strong Microsoft Excel skills
- Innovative approach, forward thinking, able to think outside the box
- Strong belief in delivering results as part of a team
- Good attention to detail