【海外出張あり!】Production Control Supervisor @ 200 名 世界的に名の知れた米系アパレル企業!【フレックス制度導入!】

■ 当社ポートフォリオは国内でも3本指に入る知名度を持っています!常に人気を保つブランドなので、安定して働きたい方にお勧めです!
■ 日本はアジア太平洋の本部となっていますので、国際的にリーダーシップの取れる外資系企業で働きたい方にピッタリです。
■ 25000以上ものSKUを取り扱っています。

■ 定期的な海外出張が頻繁に発生します。
■ フレックスタイム制度導入!ワークライフバランスを重視している方にはお勧めです!


1. Support to develop sourcing procedure to achieve corporate OPC targets:
- Establish efficient supply chain to supply the products of quality at optimum cost.
- Secure the stable product supply to the customers

2. Control cost to achieve sourcing gross profit target on the OPC plan:
- Evaluate supplier’s performance and select based on company’s guidelines and production standard
- Analyze and negotiate cost of goods with suppliers/vendors to achieve OPC sourcing gross profit target

3. Ensure the product specification to meet required by specification sheet and evaluate product quality together with QC:
- Perform specification check and meet the local standard of quality for all product line
- Support to monitor GSS completion for the suppliers in charge

4. Assist to manage whole production process to ensure on-time delivery:
- With consideration of production schedule and volumes, properly process purchasing orders based on IPS plan.
- Monitoring production process to ensure on-time delivery

5. Arrange accessories (packages, paper tags, washing labels, etc) to suppliers:
- Arrange accessories and provide accurate instruction to suppliers
- Control inventory of accessories

6. Support merchandising dept. for product development:
- Provide necessary information about samples, fabrics and production technologies to merchandising dept.
- Support sample production for trade show and special make-up products


- Bachelor degree or equivalent education
- Min 3 years’ experience in Sourcing, Supply Chain, Product Planning, Product Development, Merchandising
- Work experience in SCM in apparel industry preferable
- Good communicator with internal and external customers
- Positive and active toward challenges and improvement
- good command of the English language

- Fluent in spoken English is plus!
- Foreign work experience is plus!