Customer Service Manager @24名 業系を牽引するヨーロッパ系特殊製品メーカー企業!

Location: Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: 8020602ST

■ ガラス関連の製品に特化し、業界トップレベルを走るグローバルテクノロジー企業です。
■ 日本での市場は約50年続いており非常に安定したビジネスを構築しています。長期的に働きたい方にはお勧めです!
■ 高技術を駆使した様々な製品を、幅広い業界へ提供し、世界中から信頼を受けています。
■ 残業時間は少なめ、更にフレックスタイム制度も導入済み!ワークライフバランスが充実します! 


1. Manage and be wholly accountable for the order handling process and daily operations following compliance
- Manage and coach Customer Service Team to strengthen daily transaction flow
- Strengthen and stabilize staff to work as Multi-tasking interface to the customer by training 

2. Responsible for driving major customer and strategic issues with Sales
- Provide Logistics related information in timely for Sales to contribute sales obtain with best profit.
- Assist to prepare Sales reports

3. Assist the senior management in meeting the company’s strategic & financial objectives.
- Work with management to define order entry requirements, assist in any special projects 
- Reports or other requirements that may be needed.
- Implement operational administrative strategies/action plans to achieve the yearly sales goals for the company

4. Responsible for local authorities’ logistics procedures or customer related IT issue
- Export Control:  To submit required document which customer request us as certification properly
- Responsible to Audit (Customs, Internal, External, SAP)
- SAP:  As Key User, responsible for implementation, modification, Problem solution with SAP expert team
- Customer’s EDI: Responsible for implementation to maintenance, closing account.


- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent.
- 10 years of Logistics experience and be familiar with related suppliers
- Basic Knowledge of glass Industry and product
- Intercultural capabilities to work with people from diverse nationalities and cultures
- Communication, influencing and negotiating abilities cross nationality, section; Business English.
- SAP experience is a plus!