Finance Manager@~10名程 グローバルな消費財メーカー!

Location: Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: 300336KI
Salary 700万円~800万円程度

■ 自社の得意分野を追求することで、これまでにない品質の高さを実現してきた企業です!
■ 日本では小規模な組織となりますので、フレンドリーな社長と密に連携頂きながら業務を進めて頂きます。
■ 経理・財務チームには2名のスタッフがおり、うち1名のマネジメントをお任せします。
■ 経理、総務、人事、IT、ロジスティクス等、幅広い責務を担当、ご自身の裁量で新しいことにもチャレンジ頂けるポジションです。業務の幅を広げながら、ステップアップも目指したい方にはおすすめです。
■ 現時点でのご経験が満たないと思われる応募者様も、採用企業の判断によりAssistant Managerからのスタートが検討可能です!

- Confirm and handle the sales and expense budget for the fiscal year
- Design a budget plan by organizing Profit and Loss, submitting balance sheet for the fiscal year, and presenting during budget meeting
- Record and manage changes in fixed and inventory assets
- Prepare, process and finalize financial monthly statements and forecasts
- Work closely with tax accountant office to handle corporate, consumption and withholding tax
- Process and manage import sales tax for customs
- Create, organize and maintain income and expenditure schedules to perform healthy operations on a daily basis
- Report to head office on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to discuss reports and analysis
- Maintain and manage inventory-check as well as maintenance inspection

Administrative and HR affairs
- Handle and assist with HQ HR for employee related matters including hiring, retirement, end of employment, on-off boarding, payroll and etc.
- Work closely with HQ HR to adjust local labor statutory requirements
- Reach out to payroll company to calculate employee salaries and allowances every month
- Prepare, handle and pay employee salary, residence tax and income tax payments
- Handle, prepare and manage the employee life cycle including: when employees join or leave the company
- Manage and handle insurance contracts such as fire insurance, PL insurance, and logistics insurance as required by the company
- Prepare, handle and manage the minutes required following the Articles of Incorporation
- Manage the company facilities so that the fire safety codes are maintained and following Health and Safety codes
- Other related general affairs

- Handle company infrastructure related tasks
- Make IT department adjustments following HQ’s requests
- Prepare employee’s PC
- Other related IT responsibilities

- Manage and handle contracts with warehouse partners

- Native Japanese level
- Strong English (will report to HQ on a daily basis in English)
- 5+ years experience in accounting and finance
- Understanding payroll system and social insurance premium
- Strong communication skill to work effectively with different departments
- Proficient in Excel, PowerPoint skills, etc.
- 2+ years managing small teams (1-2 staff) is preferred
- Experience working in 10-50 staff size organizations is preferred
- Accounting, Finance, Economic degree is a plus!
- Nissho Boki level 2 or higher is a plus!
*Immediate availability is preferred
*Candidate with less experience will be considered as an assistant manager