Retail Finance Analyst@1700+名 米系ファッション小売企業!

Location: Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: 300230KI
Salary 450万円~550万円程度

■ 世界的な知名度を誇る企業において、トップレベルの経理・財務チームでご活躍頂けるポジションです!
■ 経理・財務チームのスタッフは約30名程で、HyperionとSAPを使用します。
■ Retail Finance Teamには8名のスタッフがおり、レポート先はRetail Finance Managerとなります。

- Review daily Sales Audit reconciliations and make adjustments as required
- Handle inventory discrepancies and adjustments
- Monitor and manage transactions on customer accounts
- Reconcile company’s accounts with monthly statement from Department Stores and apply cash accordingly
- Communicate effectively with Sales Division and Department Stores
- Work with Retail Finance Manager to plan and perform process improvements

- 2 years plus Finance experience
- Accounting education or certification (Nissho Boki Level 2 required)
- Ability and strong desire to challenge the status-quo and remediate/amend current process, system design
- Have strong mathematical ability and above normal level of Excel skill
- Confidence and good communication skills
- Persistence and follow-through
- Finance experience preferably in the Receivable management process with a Japanese department store group and/or Retail store. (Experience in apparel business is preferable)