Senior Brand Demand Planner @2500名 圧倒的な知名度を誇るヨーロッパ系消費財企業!

■ 2500名が在籍する世界有数の消耗品製造販売メーカー

■ 幅広い商品展開で様々な客層に愛用され高い名声を誇る同社

■ 日本市場において20年以上に亘り事業を展開しており、独自の研究施設及び工場も保有しています

■ 確固たるB to Bビジネスモデルを築いているだけでなく、最近はEコマース(B to C)や新規事業発展にも力いれており、今後も益々の事業拡大が見込まれています

■ 基本就業時間は9:00 – 17:45 (コアタイム:10:00 – 15:00)ですが、フレックスタイム制度が導入されている為、それぞれのライフスタイルに合った柔軟な働き方が可能です

■ 将来的な社内ジョブローテーションや昇進なども見込める魅力的な環境である為、安定した事業を展開する外資系企業にて長期就業を望まれる方にもお勧めの求人です!


- Be responsible for the catalog management and contribute to its rationalization. 
- Manage the sales forecasts quality.
- Manage the global monthly sales forecast process (S&OP).
- Build the baseline forecast by reviewing historical records and the recent sales trend.
- Challenge and consolidate the promotions and launches sales forecasts projected by the Sales and
Marketing teams.
- Ensure the global sales forecast consistency, through the building of a consensus between the
commercial forecasts, the financial trend and the sales history.
- Keep monitoring SC financial impact such as Slow Moving/Obsolete, Inbound Cost (Air Vs Sea).
Build the Supply plan of the entity based on the validated sales forecasts, the co‐packing plan and
the stocks and supply/procurement parameters. 
- Check the logistic feasibility through the analysis of the stocks equation.
- Determine the stock and supply parameters according to the objectives of service rate, costs and
global targeted stock.
- Manage the replenishment process through the evaluation of the shortage risks and by
communicating priorities to the MSL.
- Decrease shortages by the analysis of the causes, the definition of the action plans and the
challenges of suppliers about the MAD dates of products which are out of stock. 
- Define and follow the Key Performance Indicators (out of stock, service rate, stock) and
communicate them internally and to the MSL.
- Build the budgeted stock according to the stock and supply parameters.


- Business level of English for leading S&OP and dealing with Regional Procurement Planning Team 
- At least 10 years supply chain background in either logistics or demand/supply planning 
- Strong in number and analytical skills
- Experience in FMCG industry is preferred