Site RM Planner Supervisor @ 300名 業界を牽引するヨーロッパ系化学関連企業!

■ 2018年に56億米ドルの売上を達成し、現在日本市場でも急成長している注目企業です!
■ 業界のグローバルマーケットシェアの約25%を占めており、業界内のリーダーとして確固たるしいを構築しています。
■ 日本国内に独自の研究開発施設と製造の拠点を持ち、製品の100%が日本で生産されているため、各クライアントからは絶対的信頼を得ています。
■ 残業時間は当業界には珍しく月平均20~25時間と非常に少なめです!
■ APACのHQのあるシンガポールにて研修を受けることができます! 


Function Management
- Follow the parameterization in SAP.
- Identify and resolve shortages through efficient scheduling to ensure an appropriate level of inventory following corporate standards.
- Ensure customer (internal and external) response on time managing realistic daily plans considering capacity and raw material availability.
- Work under the standards of quality, safety and industrial hygiene and good practices.
- Identify and implement opportunities for improvement.
- Contribute to implement Planning Strategy aligned with the business needs.
- Escalation point for resolution of problems, complaints and prioritisation issues.
- Monitor workload and calendars to maintain the balance in the department.
- Communicate and interact with areas involved, in order to solve issues.
- Achieve and maintain service level targets.
- Obsolescence Control (use of SLOB Tool for Inventory at Risk assessment).
- Provide mid-long term forecast to procurement.
- Produce daily, weekly and monthly status reports (e.g. COOISPI schedule, OTS, past due purchase orders) and distribute.
- Review customer orders for raw materials resale demands. Create repack process orders as needed and release to production.
- Resolve or escalate issues related to orders, working with production, customer care and regional and global affiliates as required.
People Management
- Recruit, train, coach Planning Team.
- Supervise staff to ensure that all tasks are performed. Document performance and provide on- going feedback (e.g., conducting mid-year and end-year reviews), addressing behavior and job performance issues, recommending hiring, and annual salary increases.


- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Foreign Trade or others
- Related experience
- APICS Certification Desired
- ERP/MRP expertise
- Strong affinity to systems and analytical tools (Desired SAP, BI,BO)
- Language skills: English – Fluent
- Microsoft office expertise