Warehousing & Transportation Assistant Manager @ 200 名 世界的に名の知れた米系アパレル企業!【フレックス制度導入!】

Location: Tokyo
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: 8463055ST

■ 当社ポートフォリオは国内でも3本指に入る知名度を持っています!常に人気を保つブランドなので、安定して働きたい方にお勧めです!
■ 日本はアジア太平洋の本部となっていますので、国際的にリーダーシップの取れる外資系企業で働きたい方にピッタリです。
■ このポジションは新たに設置されたポジションで、ロジスティクスグループマネージャーにレポートしていただくお仕事です。
■ 25000以上ものSKUを取り扱っています。
■ フレックスタイム制度導入!ワークライフバランスを重視している方にはお勧めです!


1. Assist to develop standard operation procedure by managing 3PL or related vendor to optimize the whole process.
- Control efficient standard operation procedure to ensure optimum cost
- Reduce delay or wrong delivery by improved service level of 3PL
2. Responsible for cost negotiation to achieve target budget on the OPC plan:
- Evaluate performance and cost for 3PL or transportation company.
- Analyze the cost of related with 3PL or transportation to achieve OPC target
3. Communicate with other party to implement scheduling for high level of process control.
- Correct and share information to operate and control inbound and outbound process smoothly.
- Develop process control and communication method to share logistical information to other party.
4. Maintain system date and manage 3PL process to control inventory accurately.
- Investigate discrepancy and root cause in case difference of inventory would be detected physical and data.
- Monitoring the maintenance of system data accurately and accordingly.
5. Operate and solve for logistical problems timely and suggest new solutions.
- Implemented contentious improvement to ensure the stable delivery and 3PL operation
- Secure and arrange the storage and labor capacity to deal with business growth.


- Bachelor degree or equivalent education
- Min 3 years’ experience in Supply chain, Logistics, Warehousing, Purchasing, Freight Forwarding
- Position requires domestic travel
- Knowledge of logistics include experience of 3PL management, inventory control, purchasing, delivery and transportation, distributions, and related laws and guidelines of fashion business.
- Equivalent job experience of development for logistic system, include warehousing, inventory and purchasing.