【FP&Aを学ぶチャンス!】Accounting / FP&A Assistant Manager @ 300名+ ヨーロッパ系家電製品メーカー企業!

Location: 埼玉県
Job Type: Permanent
Reference: 300906RT
Salary 600万円~800万円程

■ 高機能・高品質なコンシュマーグッズを生産展開している企業です!


A/Fチームにはスタッフ6名がおり、JD Edwardsを使用します。

■ 直接のレポート先は日本のAccounting Managerとなり、CFOとも密に連携頂きます!CFOは大手国際企業出身の方となりますので、経験豊かな上司のもと意欲的に学びスキルアップしたい方にはお勧めです。

■ 経理に特化したポジションとなりますが、企業としてはFP&Aスキルを習得頂きたいとの方針です。FP&A関連の職へローテーションの可能性もあり、ファイナンスのフルセットスキルを確立されたい方は必見です!


1. Prepare for the accurate financial statement for legal entity based on IFRS and Japan GAAP;

Closing of annual and monthly accounting B/S and P/L

Accurate and timely booking for B/S and P/L account, especially Sales, SGA, and Working Capital.

Balance reconciliation periodically

Handle and contact the external auditors


2. Managerial Reporting OPS Review Material;

Report of actual financial statement by business unit to the regional finance monthly

Preparation for the variance analysis actual vs budget / previous year

Identified Risks Opportunities and the countermeasure proposal to meet the Target

Preparation for the material to be used in the internal Monthly Business Review Meeting chaired by Managing Director

Preparation for monthly SGA report with the variance analysis internal purpose


3. Preparation for Budget Forecast with analysis;

To develop the full year forecast by working with all the functions, especially Sales, SGA, and Working Capital.

Detailed analysis of business unit performance Sales and Manufacturing

Budget preparation by business unit based upon the Forecast, especially Sales, SGA, and Working Capital

To clarify the risks and opportunities


4. Financial Analysis

GP analysis based upon Global Data Warehouse

Price Change impact

Tracking of specific account, e.g. warranty costs

To track the effect of the sales campaign 


Knowledge of IFRS i.e. need to have the knowledge / skills to catch up the Company’s Financial Policies and Procedures

Understanding Planning and Reporting processes

Business level spoken and written of English, English TOEIC score, over 600

Academic Education : Bachelor

PC Skills Word, Excel, PowerPoint, outlook

Solid knowledge of the Japan GAAP and IFRS.

Solid knowledge of financial statements and budgeting / forecasting process.

Microsoft Excel, Word skills must be apparent and rated at least to the level of good, preferably strong.

Accounting/Finance degree: CPA, MBA, Zeirishi Tax Expert are preferable

Experience of JD Edwards is preferable